Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We are at the age where there are not many years ahead of us. We have had a very good life and both of us were born of goodly parents. We did not have as much in material means as some had. At times we had more than some others had. We have always had sufficient for our needs. We know that is because we have lived the laws of fasting and tithing. Both laws teach us to live frugally and within our means. We lived through the depression years with our parents providing for us the necessities of life. Our parents taught us correct principles. At an early age we met and fell in love. The past seventy plus years we have been best friends
Our progenitors were people who came to this country to have the freedom of religion. A couple of those progenitors were Thomas Rogers and Francis Cook who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. We both have a long line of ancestors who defended our freedom in every war we have been engaged in. They all fought for the freedom of this country and the rights our Constitution provides for us as citizens of this great land.
I had seven sets of Great, Great Grandparents who were driven from their homes located in Nauvoo, Illinois, by mobs wanting to kill them and take their property. These progenitors were driven out of the United States because of their religion. On their way to a land they knew not where except being in the Rocky Mountains. They lived by the principles of the United State Constitution establishing themselves, in the Salt Lake Valley of the Utah Territory. They still flew the United States flag and called themselves, Americans even though America had turned on them. Those early pioneers were asked by the United State Government to supply the government with 500 men to go South to fight the Mexican’s in the war between the US and Mexico. That meant leaving their families on the trail to fend for themselves without knowing exactly where their families would be when the war was over. One such person from June’s family was Eunice Reazor Brown who went with her 9 children and her husband James Polly Brown on the long march to fight a war that ended before any of them had to fight. They were called the Mormon Battalion.
I tell you this to lay the ground work for what I am about to say. June and I as Latter-day Saints have the belief that the Constitution of these United States was inspired of God and Jesus Christ as to the way this great country was to be established. It was given to us as a nation of free people. The Constitution was established by inspired men who listened to the promptings of the spirit. The writers of the great document put into it the laws to govern a free society. Those who gave of their time, money and most of all their lives to write the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence, would be appalled if they could see how the document they were inspired to put forth for our good is now hanging by a thread.
We have those in both parties who are tearing this nation apart in order to change what has been the greatest nation in the world. We as a family need to stand by our convictions and be strong against the adversary. The adversaries, being those who sidestep our God given Constitution. The politicians, Judges and Lawyers rewrite and bend the laws that have kept us together as the greatest nation on this earth.
The Administration and the members of The House and Senate are making so many radical changes in our government the founders would not recognize it. They are so anti business and pro union they have destroyed our ability to manufacture anything of any consequence in our once great nation that has given the world, their needs ever since WWI. Now most everything we consume is from other countries. We as a nation are selling our very souls to the devil.
It really concerns us as to the well being of our progeny. We have four children, fourteen grandchildren with families giving us a total of 70 plus people. Those who have governed us in the past as well as those in the present are changing us into a Socialist Country. They have put us in debt so deep all of our great grandchildren will be paying even when they are as old as we are. We feel sorry about what is happening to our children and their children and we want them to know we are not contributors to that debt. We have always paid our share to the government through all the taxes we have paid. We have tried to elect honest men to govern us but without success proven by the mess our country and state are in now.
Over the years we were in business we paid our taxes. We took the chance of starting our own business. Took on the responsibility of giving numerous people jobs. Meeting every payroll as well as giving our employees Major Medical, Hospitalization and Dental Care. At times during those years we had to take big cuts in our own income to meet the needs of our employees. Those who have worked for the Government all their lives don’t understand what a businessperson goes through to keep the employee and their family going. The government, Federal and State are the only ones hiring. The small business people have been the largest employers in the country. Now it is at the point the all mighty government will be the largest employer. What happens when the government takes over all business? To answer that question, take a look at what the government has been managing ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt. That should answer the question. This is Sunday March 21, 2010 the day the Damocrats are passing Healthcare against the will of the majority of the people. Our Marxist Leader, Barack Hussein Obama is leading the way for a complete take over by the far left Progressive Socialist Party. It is a sad day for free Americans and also for our founding fathers who gave even their lives to make sure nothing like this would happen.
Prepare yourselves for a rough ride ahead. All you need to do is look at England, France, Germany and Canada. We are following these countries into the same quagmire they are in. I always thought the people of this country were smarter than allowing this to happen. We are allowing a few to dictate to the majority how we will live. I hope you all have enough food supply as well as other means of support than the US dollar because it will not be worth anything in a short time.
The Prophets have been telling us since the early 1930’s to get out of debt. Live within our means, have a reserve of food and money because the times we are now in were coming. Individuals have made the statement to me about food storage and the amount they had saved then had to throw away because it had gone bad. They were supposed to rotate and replace what was needed to keep a supply on hand. I ask the question why do they buy insurance for the things they have? Most of the time, they are fortunate enough not to file a claim, but they have had the protection and peace of mind by having it.
If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. D&C 38:30

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Rinez said...

We echo everything you said. We are definitely in a downward spiral. The hope of the gospel is what we hang onto and we are so thankful to having living prophets today.